Metal Additive Manufacturing (commonly referred to as metal 3D Printing) is redefining what is possible

in the manufacturing world. Complex internal geometries impossible to machine can easily be “printed” 

just as any other normal part. Conformal cooling channels can be embedded inside molds for uniform 

heat reduction and decreased cycle times. Automotive and aerospace parts can be lightweighted for 

increased performance. Production part designs can be validated using fully functional prototypes 

without the cost or lead time of creating a mold. The opportunities to apply this technology are endless.


Bell Engineering utilizes an EOS M280 to 3D Print a wide range of metals using the process of Direct 

Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). DMLS produces fully dense metal parts with properties equal to parts 

created through casting or machined from billet. The EOS M280 utilizes a 400-watt fiber-optic laser to 

“grow” metal parts layer by layer, which allows for total design freedom.


Click here to view/print our Design Guidelines. 


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